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Web Earth are leading consultants in environmentally sustainable design, providing holistic solutions to create resilient and cost-saving buildings and infrastructures.


Established in 2011, Web Earth’s environmental design team grew within acclaimed engineering firm Web Structures and we enjoy direct access to our parent company’s world-class expertise.


Our international diversity—in our team members’ qualifications and the countries where we work—provides fertile ground for innovative solutions.

Web Earth offer a full range of specialist ESD services, including Green Building Certification,  Ventilation Analysis (CFD),  Sustainable Water Design,  Solar Shading and Daylight Analysis,  Dynamic Energy Modelling,  Sustainable Drainage Design, Life Cycle Analysis, and Wind-Driven Rain Modelling. We also engage in ongoing Research into innovative building materials and construction techniques.



Our international team of experts take a life-cycle approach to ESD, employing cutting-edge tools to deliver personalised, agile service to our clients and collaborators at every stage of project development, from conception through certification.


Web Earth’s life-cycle approach stretches well beyond building certification to encompass research, strategic planning and iterative assessment.


Our studio’s array of advanced digital tools enable analytic precision and responsiveness to dynamic conditions.


Web Earth’s personalised, agile working methods and excellent standards of service inspire loyalty and drive repeat collaborations with world-class partners.

Web Earth’s approach to the built environment means that we don’t simply follow the standard guidelines and codes, but look deeper into a building’s usage and function to make sure that every aspect is managed as sustainably as possible, regardless of whether it scores points for a certification scheme. ​


For us, green building certification is only the tip of the iceberg. For this reason, we use the image of the iceberg to represent our company culture and vision.


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